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This Halloween, Burn an Owl With a Skeleton Candle

Halloween is coming and very few times of the year are quite so exciting. The kids go out and have fun, the adults have parties where we get to act like kids and there is lots of candy and candles. Especially cool, creepy candles like a Skeleton Candle.Of all the great Halloween ideas out there, few are as exciting as a creepy candle with its own flaming skeleton and that is what you get from Skeleton Candles. They have a whole line of home decoration ideas for all year round, but with a special eye for Halloween ideas. They have..  - Read More

Subscription Candles Perfect For Mother's Day

There is still plenty of time to get some great Mothers Day gifts for mom this year. The question becomes, what kind of gift do you want to get her? If your mother loves scented soy candles then a candle subscription box is an excellent idea. These are monthly boxes from Skeleton Candles that will be sent to the recipient for a monthly fee. Of course, if you are giving it as a gift, you will cover the fee so it is totally free for mom. And of course, if she wants to continue it, which she probably will, she..  - Read More

The Gift Guide: For Women

Finding the right gifts for girls can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something a little outside the box. Sure, there are lots of great things to buy for people but do you really want to get her the same thing she has gotten before from someone else? Probably not. It is imperative that the gifts for mom or the gifts for the wife you choose are special. Something that shows you know what she is into while hopefully providing something that is still useful. With that in mind, we put together a gift guide for women...  - Read More

Thoughtful Gifts for Party Hosts

If you have been invited to a party it is always the polite thing to do to bring a gift for the host, even if that means you have to buy this second gift in addition to a birthday present. The good news is that the great birthday gifts also make great host gifts and when you shop someplace like Skeleton Candles you can get both gifts at the same time. The most special birthday gifts are creative birthday gifts and that is why you absolutely must check out the selection at Skeleton Candles. We are talking about some really..  - Read More

Cool Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Doesn't Actually Have

Father’s Day will be here before you know it and no one want to give his or her father another tie on his big day. Dads are the best, they help shape us into who we are and we should, therefore, make an effort to give him exactly what it is that will really get him excited. If you are thinking of some home decoration ideas and your dad is big into skull décor than you have come to the right place. Skeleton candles have all kinds of goodies that will really float his boat, everything from burning skeleton candles..  - Read More

10 Awesome Subscription Boxes for the Un-Giftable

No one wants to give gifts that they know won’t be appreciated and this can be a challenge when shopping for certain people on your list. A subscription box is a way to give a gift that is usually made up of several different things so even if they don’t like one aspect of the box, they are sure to like something else.Plus there is such a wide variety of different subscription boxes for you to choose from. You can get your special someone candle boxes filled with natural candles, boxes of nail polish or even delicious food. The choice..  - Read More

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