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Kitschy Skull, Perfect Décor For Trendy People

If you like kitschy house decoration and you love to shop trendy, you are going to really like the skull collection at Skeleton Candles. While they mostly sell candles, these skulls don’t burn.

This unique house décor is crafted out of cement and can be used in a number of different ways. You can get it with a hole in the top of the head so you can use them as pillar candle holders, plant the perfect mini succulent ,or without if you just want one for decoration.

These are not the mass produced models you see from other companies. Each of these special skulls has been handcrafted by their in house designer, which means each is one of a kind. They are so detailed that they even have the suture lines of the skull, which most who design this kind of house decoration leave off.

Not only are the skull shapes super realistic looking they come in different colors and finishes. The ones from this trendy store are not like the ones you have seen in the past, these are much more dynamic and realistic looking.

To cover just a few of the skulls they carry:

Galaxy Skull


Looking at this pretty baby is like looking deep into space. There are stars and a myriad of different colors that shimmer and shine together like in the images you see from NASA.

Skull Holders


This is one hot number! It is bright and well, fiery and while it is smaller than the others on this list it still has the fine attention to detail and they can be used as votive candle holders, pillar candles, or hold soy candle tins from skeleton candles. The possibility's are endless when it comes to deciding what to use your skull holder. 

Purple Pearl Skull


The pearlescent purple is going to knock your socks off and with the blues and greens for added contrast? Wow. Whether you choose the skull pet or the candle holder, you are going to love it.

It is harder than you would think to find house décor as awesome and detailed as you get from this trendy store. So, if you are into skulls or are shopping for someone who is, you really can’t go wrong with anything from Skeleton Candles.



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