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Skeleton Candle Are Cool Candles for Cool People

You’re pretty awesome right? And all cool people love cool candles. I mean, how can they not? Especially when you are talking about unique candles with unique designs.

Skeleton Candles is one of the most unique sites on the internet and that is all due to their decorative candles with unusual designs. They have everything from large candles to smaller ones, the choice is yours and let me tell you, it’s a hard choice because their candle designs are one of a kind.

Their products are broken up into three main categories:

Skeleton Candles With A Skeleton Inside 

Metal-Owl-Skeleton-Candle Blue-Gummy-Bear-Candle

This is where you find all their cute, yet scary, candles with skeletons hiding inside. As the wax burns down a metal skeleton will be revealed and the lower the candle gets the more it looks like the skeleton itself is on fire. It’s really something to see and they make great gifts because they are cool and practical at the same time.

Geometric Candles


You will find everything from gem shapes to fun and funky animal shapes in this section. They have some large candles here as well and some that are smaller than the regular skeleton candles.

Skull Decorations


Now, these skulls aren’t candles, but they can be used as holders for unusual candles. There are three options with each skull; you can get the pet version, which is just the skull with no hole at the top for decoration, one with the hole for your pillar candles, and the other one can be used as a succulent plant holder or candle holder with 3inch diameter base. 

If you decide to go with the cool candles with skeletons in them and you feel like having a little fun with guests, don’t tell them the secret of the candle. Just light it and let that baby burn. As the unique candles innards are exposed you can hear your guests gasp in surprise. That’s always fun.

Succulent-Skull-PlanterWhether you are shopping for your own collection of candle designs or you want to buy one as a gift for someone, you will definitely find what you are looking for at this website.



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