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Skeleton Candles Wax Melts Away To A Metal Gummy Bear Skeleton

The days of boring old pillar candles are behind us and in their place we are left with creative, creepy candles that will delight and terrify at the same time. Skeleton Candles has a whole line of Gummy Bear candles where the wax melts and leaves behind nothing but a metal creepy skeleton that is also surprisingly cute.

These Gummy Bear candles start out looking like a giant, juicy gummy bears. They are cute and all but look pretty unassuming. At least at first. Once it has been burning for a while you will begin to see the creepy skeleton poking out the top. As the candle melts more and more of the metal is exposed and you will see the flames burning through the bones. If you have never seen one of these as the wax melts, it can be quite the sight.


The only thing you want to be careful of when it comes to these is the candle wax. The melted candle can leave quite a mess so definitely don’t leave this cute skeleton burning on your favorite bare antique table or anything.

If you have been shopping for the perfect unusual gift for someone in your life, look no further than a skeleton candle. Whether you choose one of these gummy bears or one of their other great options, these are excellent gifts. You might even want to pick one up for yourself while you are shopping. You will be glad you did.



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