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Adorable, Creepy, And Bizarre Candles Have A Morbid Surprise Inside

Of all the many candles online few are as unique and fascinating as those from Skeleton Candles. Sounds like a pretty cool online store right? Well, it is. In fact, it is really unlike any other and all of the products they sell are 100% exclusive. Most are handcrafted so they are really one of a kind with no two being exactly the same? Nice touch right?


Their two biggest sellers are their Gummy Bear candle and their Angry Owl candle. These are just what they sound like, at least on the surface. With the bears you get a giant Gummy Bear that looks cute enough to eat and the owl, well, who doesn’t love owls?


What makes these candles special and what sets them apart from all the others out there on the market today is the fact that they are not just made of wax alone. Nope, these bad boys have a special little treat inside in the form of a metal skeleton.

As the wax melts away you will be left with a flaming skeleton that blazes with the flame of the wick. If you have never seen something like this before, you are going to lose your mind. It is so incredibly morbid and creepy while still managing to be absolutely adorable.


Buying these candles online is a great idea for Halloween or for that special someone in your life who likes weird things and is super hard to shop for. They will get a massive thrill out of these morbid little cuties that is pretty much guaranteed. So check out Skeleton Candles today and see how cute their Gummy Bear candle and Owl candles really are.



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