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Concrete Accessories to Warm up Your Home

There are few ways to decorate your home that are as modern as concrete accessories. Whether you are looking to find a neat skull to use as a paper weight or you are looking for a concrete planter for an indoor cactus, it will leave your home feeling more modern and unique and you can find just the planter at Skeleton Candles. They are about so much more than just candles these days.

There are few things as fun to watch grow as a succulent garden. Filling these gardens with small cactus is always a wise choice because they can live in virtually any climate and they take very little work to keep them looking their best. The beauty of most cacti is that they don’t need to be watered daily like many other plants and they still give you the feel of a flower garden.


When most people think of outdoor or indoor cactus they generally think of the spines without realizing how gorgeous the flowers on these unique plants can be. They come in a wide variety of different types and colors so that no matter what you like, you will be able to find it in cacti form.

When decorating with this medium look for items that really look like concrete, not concrete that has been covered up so much it looks like something else. It is the natural concrete look, painted or unpainted that gives these sorts of pieces their modern flair and what makes them so popular right now.


You can find concrete planters in all different sizes, from ones for small cactus to large indoor cactus. And if you are more interested in buying a one of a kind paper weight, then you have to check out Skeleton Candles.

They have a whole line of Skull Pets that are fantastical space odyssey-like concrete skulls that are great conversation pieces. They come three ways, as the paper weight, or with different sized holes in the top so that they can be used as a planter or candle holder.


The bottom line is that in this day in age, you really can’t go wrong with concrete accessories, whether you want to use it in conjunction with a succulent garden or for more simple decorative purposes.



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