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Cool Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Doesn't Actually Have

Father’s Day will be here before you know it and no one want to give his or her father another tie on his big day. Dads are the best, they help shape us into who we are and we should, therefore, make an effort to give him exactly what it is that will really get him excited.

If you are thinking of some home decoration ideas and your dad is big into skull décor than you have come to the right place. Skeleton candles have all kinds of goodies that will really float his boat, everything from burning skeleton candles to a concrete candle holder can be found there and they are super unique.
Here are some of their top selling home decorating ideas that are the perfect gifts for Father’s Day:

Night Sky skull
Skull décor doesn’t get much more fun to look at than this one. The shimmering finish is unique and you get to choose whether you want the skull pet, which has no hole in the top or the concrete candle holder which does.

Night Sky Skull

Angry Owl candle
This scowling owl comes in five different colors and is made of paraffin wax. What makes this such a great gift isn’t that it is just a great looking candle, the best part is that there is a secret inside that you will only get to see as the candle burns down.
What is this secret you ask? It’s a skeleton. As the wax melts around it the flames lick the metal bones giving the owl a creepy, neat look like no other.

Angry Owl Skeleton Candles

Warrior skull
This is one of a unique home decoration ideas on their entire site, really. The shiny skull has two very different looking parts to it. While most of their home décor is a little more subtle (I said a little) this one with its different colored bottom half of the face, is a showstopper. It almost looks like it is wearing an almost invisible altitude mask or something. This is the kind of skull décor that gets visitors talking.

Concrete Skull

I think it is safe to say that your dad doesn’t have anything like these Father’s Day gift ideas. Whether you choose the candle or the concrete candle holder, your dad is going to jump for joy when he opens his present this year.



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