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Skeleton Candles FAQ

Is paraffin wax toxic?

No. Paraffin wax – like all candle waxes – is non-toxic. In fact, paraffin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in food, cosmetics, and medical applications. Food-grade paraffin is commonly used for manufacturing candles.   

Should I be concerned about lead wicks in candles?

No, we use 100% cotton wicks.  The likelihood of purchasing a lead-wicked candle in the U.S. is very low. Lead wicks have been officially banned in the United States since 2003, and before then they were primarily limited to inexpensive imported candles. 

The candle gives off some smoke is that okay?

Yes, its perfectly normal its called "soot". The minuscule amount of soot produced by a candle is the natural byproduct of incomplete combustion. Candle soot is composed primarily of elemental carbon particles, and is similar to the soot given off by kitchen toasters and cooking oils. These everyday household sources of soot are not considered a health concern, and are chemically different from the soot formed by the burning of diesel fuel, coal, gasoline, etc.

How long should I burn a candle?

Maximum burn times vary from candle to candle; follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always extinguish a candle if the flame gets too close to the candle holder or container. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 2 inches of wax remains (½ inch if a container candle or jar candle).

Are the skeleton candles scented?

No, they are not scented at the moment, but we are coming out with a smaller gummy bear version that will be scented and it will smell like perignon peach. This scent closely reminds you of the scent of normal gummy bear candies.

What is the geometric candle line?

They are just funky designs I came up that will eventually have a skeleton design in each one. Can't give to much information away otherwise it won't be a surprise. 

Are you the same company that created the cat candle?

No, we are not. We make better candles :)


Soy Candle Box Subscription FAQ

Can I send a candle as a gift instead of subscription service?

Absolutely! All of our candles come boxed and ready for gifting. We have different gift options for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and a year subscription thats not on auto renewal. If you would like a note or if it's going directly to the gifted, just make a note at checkout and we will not include a sales receipt.

Do you ship internationally?

The shipping cost is for postage alone. International packages may be subject to customs, duties or other fees that are calculated by country. The customer is responsible for paying any and all customs duties and fees. International packages may be delayed by customs; unfortunately skeleton candles have no control over this.
Please note that most international packages will be sent via First Class or Priority International Mail, which does not include tracking or delivery confirmation. Shipping times vary depending on location, time of year and local postal service. On average, packages should arrive in 2-4 weeks.
**If you'd like your order faster, we also offer international shipping through DHL, which takes 2-3 business days: please email us at for more info, if you are interested in this option. **

What candles come in the subscription order?

Our candles are chosen at random from our artisan candle crafter. Each delivery will be handcrafted for that particular month. You also have the option in picking the scented candles you receive each month.

What if the item I want is unavailable/sold out?

We restock our warehouse weekly insuring there is a fresh supply of candles at hand.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. If for some reason you did not receive this information, let us know at and we will send it over.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Please visit our wholesale page to apply for an account with us or email us at

Is there sales tax?

The state of California is subject to 9% sales tax.

What shipping method do you use?

We most frequently use USPS Priority Mail, but DHL and UPS are also available.

Do you offer exchanges or returns?

We always want our customers to be satisfied. If for any reason you are not happy with your subscription, please contact us at our Customer Care team at We ask that the customer pay for return shipping.

Our Soy Candles

What's the best way to burn the soy candles?

Our recommended burn time is 3-4 hours. On the first burn, allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the jars before extinguishing. This will allow the candle to burn evenly and prevent "tunneling." Be sure never to leave a candle unattended or in reach of children, pets or a draft. Allow the jar to cool completely before handling.

Why soy?

We choose to work with soy wax for a variety of reasons. We love that it's a renewable and carbon neutral. We love that it burns more cleanly - and better yet - for a longer period of time than paraffin. We love the way soy wax smells mixed with a good fragrance. And mostly, we love working with soy because it's a natural and non-toxic product that we can touch with our hands every day.

How is soy wax made?

Soybeans are husked and dried into flake form, and then the oil is extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated. The hydrogenation alters the chemical compound so that soybean oil is a solid at room temperature - soy wax! Leftover bean husks are typically used as animal feed.

Is your soy wax GMO free?

The short answer is no. The protein used to test for the presence of GMOs is not present in soy wax; therefore there is no reliable way to test for GMO free soy wax. Furthermore, only a very small percentage of soybeans grown in the US are considered organic/GMO free. If and when GMO-free soy wax becomes readily available, we will definitely use it!

Are your fragrances phthalate free? What is a phthalate??

All our fragrances are phthalate free. Phthalates are used to dissolve raw materials in apothecary, medicine, and fragrances. Recently there has been concern linking high levels of phthalates to health issues, especially in children. While there are no rules against phthalate use in candles, we decided not to work with fragrances with phthalates in them. The levels of phthalates typically found in a candle are not harmful to a consumer or manufacturer, but we decided that simpler is always better.

Are your candles vegan? Do you or your suppliers test on animals?

Our candles and fragrances are considered vegan! We are happy to report that neither our suppliers nor we engage in animal testing.

Do you use essential oils in your candles?

We use fragrance oils that do have components of essential oil, but we do not use straight essential oils. While we love essential oils, we think that fragrance oils are better for use in candles, as the scent throw is stronger. Many essential oils tend to evaporate when they are burned because the flash point is so low. 

Can the Mason jar and metal cans be repurposed?

Of course, we recommend it! When a 1/4" of wax remains, discontinue use of candle. Place candle in the freezer, and once the wax hardened, it can be chipped out along with the wick. If there is more than a little bit of wax left, we recommend the "oven method" - place your candle in a warm oven and allow the wax to liquefy. Dump the wax out and wipe clean. Soap and water can then be used to remove the wax residue. Use to store pens, succulents or just recycle! 

How fragrant are the soy candle?

We find that our candles fill a medium-size room nicely. For larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings we recommend the larger mason jar candles or 2 or more standard candles. Because we use natural soy wax, our candles will not have the same scent throw as paraffin candles. We like that our candles are not overwhelming, but rather can be used every day.

How often are new scents/products released?

We try to release 2-3 new scents to our line each year. We also run 1-2 seasonal specials throughout the year. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter on the homepage for sneak peaks at upcoming products. You can sign up right here to be updated and don’t worry we won’t spam you like the other candle companies!

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