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Do you have a fundraising program?

Yes, we do not have a fundraising program available for schools, sports teams, or other non-profit organizations just give us an email at Subject Line “Fundraiser”

Can I do a Youtube video review on my own?

You can certainly do a video review of any product on Skeleton Candles completely on your own whenever you would like. To make sure you get a lot of views to your video we recommend the following steps to make sure that people can easily find and discover your video.

  • Title: Give your video a descriptive title that entices people to want to watch your video.“Blackberry Sage Soy Candle Review from Skeleton Candles Box Subscription - I love all the scented soy candles I received!”, is a lot better than “Skeleton Candles Owl Burn Video” or "Candle Box Subscription Review"
  • Description Box: Have be the very first line (so people can easily check us out) or if reviewing Blackberry Sage Soy Candle for example has a direct link to the product page be the very first link that shows in the description box ( Then describe something about your review and what you thought of Skelton Candles in the description box so people can easily and quickly see what your video is about. Don't forget to add your link in description so you can earn money for each referral that purchases the subscription boxes.
  • Tags Section: Add tags to help other people find your video when they are on youtube. Add ‘skeleton candles’ ‘subscription candles’ ‘soy candle’ ‘box subscriptions’ ‘soy’ (other candle company names). You can also add tags for other company names so that when people are watching videos from other companies they can find out about us! For example: ‘yankee candles’ ‘scentsy’ ‘glade’.

Can you sponsor a Youtube video or blog review?

You may apply to our sponsored review program by emailing us at Use this to send us an email about your website or blog and why you think that you can help expose a large number of people to Skeleton Candles that have never heard about us and our products before.

When you fill out the email form please make sure to list monthly traffic numbers for your blog, subscriber counts, and anything else that you think will help you stand out from the many applicants we get everyday.

When selected we will give you a referral code that will earn you money each time someone makes a purchase from the website.

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