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Simple Candle Package

by Candle Box
Price $ 26.00

"Simple Candle Package"

$26 each month

Our artisan curator will choose the finest scented candles to be delivered to your door each month
Choose your own (See List)
    • 1-6oz. & 1-16oz.100% Soy Candles
    • About 115-130 hours of burn time
    • No additives or dyes
    • All natural eco wicks made from paper and cotton
    • American grown soybeans
Plans automatically renew. You may cancel at any time. Sales tax applies to California residents. 


  1. Cuban Tobacco Spice - Notes of tobacco leaf and oriental spice provide the perfect foundation on which the other notes meld perfectly to form the sheer heaven. 
  2. Grapefruit & Mangosteen - A blend of ripe tangy grapefruit and Mangosteen; an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach. 
  3. Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkins baked with clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sweetened with brown sugar. 
  4. Nag Champa - A famous blend of plumeria, Asian resins and sandalwood… to bring out your inner hippie.  
  5. Forbidden Fruit - Fresh top notes of grapefruit; middle notes of lavender; all sitting on a fruity, floral musk. 
  6. Refreshing Figs & Ginger - An exotic blend of fresh tangy ginger with sweet ripe figs.
  7. Tonka Bean Blend - Coriander and Tonka fragrance oil is a rich and sultry fragrance with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla. 
  8. Exotic Caribbean - Exotic scents of the Caribbean vanilla, amber, and coconut with hints of lime. 
  9. Meditation - The combination of lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood is heavenly. It will calm you within minutes.
  10. Blackberry Sage - Combination of sweet and tart blackberries with blends of spice with herbal tones of sage.
  11. Vanilla Amber Blend - The heart of the fragrance is a meld of vanilla, amber and musk.
  12. Exotic Lotus Blossoms - The soft petals of the exotic lotus flower and the earth, rain-kissed scent of fresh bamboo shoots make this fragrance calming yet feminine.
  13. Absinthe - Aromatic blend of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, with base notes of amber and woods.
  14. Ginger Lime - Bold and fresh notes of citrus from the lime combined with the essence of the fresh ginger root. 
  15. Roasted Coffee - Just like your morning dark roast coffee.
  16. Cosmopolitan - Spiced cranberries with a touch of lime with oranges undertones.
  17. Fresh Gingerbread - Freshly baked character with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.
  18. Spa Day - A calming blend that combines notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugar cane. 
  19. Oakmoss & Amber - Oakmoss and Amber, rich woody and musk base notes.
  20. White Tea Blend - Soothing aroma blend of white tea and fresh fruits creates clean, soft floral and sweet fruity notes. 
  21. Sweet Peony Flower - Sweet fragrant peony flower that blooms during the spring and summer months.

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